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9 April
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shines like glitter on the sun,
brighter than winchesters.

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My whole real name can be roughly translated as royal little sea. Or royal sea turbulence. Not sure which, but I am kind of really fond of it.

If I couldn't be ultraviolet9a I'd probably be infrared. Which speaks volumes about how I function. At least to me.

I've lived in three countries and several towns. I like to listen to rock music when driving. Don't really like driving (unless a Winchester is by my side, and I don't mean the rifle).

Proud inventor of the Jensen Jig.

I'm mostly active in the Supernatural fandom. Season 3 left me kind of... hmm. Season 4, on the other hand, has shoved me against the wall and is making me want to smoke cigarettes. Even though I don't smoke.

I love the Winchesters. I love John. I love Castiel. LOVE CASTIEL. LOOOOOVE CASTIEL. Castiel is... I'm a Castiel girl, fullstop. (I also have this thing for Castiel covered with Nutella. DON'T. ASK.)

ETA: White Collar and the Mentalist are my new love additions. Patrick Jane esp. just... gah.

I'm shiny out of conviction, you know? Here comes the anti-angst, Shiny activate etc etc sorta thing. (Again. Don't ask.)

ETA: Important, not that it might happen, but, you know. Just to be on the safe side. I'm me, right? And I go by the name of ultraviolet9a, and I write fics under this name here and over in ffnet. So far I haven't submitted a fic under this name anywhere else, so unless I say otherwise here, someone has either been ripping off my name or ripping off my story. Or maybe ripping off the story without ripping off the name? *frown* You get the picture. In which case, please, let me know. Because ripping off? Not nice. Offenders of that sort deserve to be used as target practice for the Winchesters.(Also, if you want to translate my fic, it'd be great if you let me know. And if you didn't cut out sentences or paragraphs when doing so.)

List of my fics you'll find here: http://ultraviolet9a.livejournal.com/68499.html#cutid2

(Speaking of which, plot bunnies? Not happening. I got plot donkeys. They are way more stubborn plus they really can kick my butt. *facepalm*)

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Date Created:2006-10-28
Number of Posts: 1,170

ultraviolet9a looks a bit like this. Except she's taller. And less worked out. And her eyes are brown. She likes movies and books and series and chocolates and dark angsty domineering heroes. She's sweet, quirky and adorable. Unless her inner child comes out to play.
Strengths: She is multilingual, very smart, apparently very modest, loyal, quirky, stubborn and has a voice fetish. Sarcasm and/or wit is one more service she appreciates and offers on occasion. Is glowy and shiny to all she loves (flist included)
Weaknesses: She can be as hot headed as John Winchester, but luckily errs more on the diplomatic side. She can be very, very, very lazy. She wishes she could live in her own head sometimes. She gives many, many chances, but once you're blacklisted, you'll go back in her good books when the Yellow Eyed Demon has his own ski resort in Hell. Even then, she will be polite though. In a Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada kind of way.
Special Skills: She's got great empathy. Which is cool. And can suck. Especially when she gets her heart broken. People in real life, even strangers, tend to tell her their problems. She doesn't get paid for listening.
Weapons: She's got a really sharp tongue, an evil grin and on occasion functional puppy eyes. She blames the Winchesters for honing those further.
Fandom talk: She loves Whedon in all his fandoms, but Kripke has taken over. She loves movies too. But they are too many to list. Terry Pratchett, St.King, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath are just few of the writers that leave her gobsmacked.

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I adopted a cute lil' April birthstone fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Jen-bot, you know that this fetus is totally your fault btw, no? :)

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