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[sticky post] Me. Fanfic. Intro.

Hi, people. This had been a totally different intro post and then lj upgrades happened. Anyhow.

Things you need to might want to know:

I tend to friend back, but if your journal is in a language I don’t understand, I probably won’t. (That makes sense, doesn’t it? In my head it does.) If for some reason you want to defriend me, that’s okay. Was nice knowing you. *waves* I won’t take it personally.

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One more sticky

because if i edit the other one i might screw up the links. I'm still watching SPN. But I also love White Collar.

And the Mentalist. Aaaah, Patrick Jane. You have mesmerized me indeed.

That is all.

ETA: I'm on a current honeymoon phase with Sons of Anarchy. Dear god, WHAT A SHOW. (and I love Tig to bits. Figures. )
I just wanted to say I hope you're all well and happy wherever you are. *hugs*


Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Everything is alright. I hope you are all well too and take good care of yourself. *hug*


Hello. I hope you are all well. I think it's fair to see that this journal is rather stalkery and quiet lately. Hiatusy even. Just dropping by to say things are mostly well and I hope you are all well too. *hugs*


So far...

... the breadmachine yielded 1 chocolate coffee cake, 2 pumpkin cakes, ketchup, nectarine jam and around 4 loaves of oh so awesome bread. I might be in love. I also feel compelled to try every setting and every recipe that is out there. *hugs bread machine and doesn't let go. EVER*

Up and down

Well... on the down side, out of sheer stupidity I drove over this huge rocky thing that bent something in the underbelly of my car. Some protective metal cover I think. It needs to un-bent, drivewise it's fine. It will probably come in cheap and should be ready by tomorrow but I can't forgive myself my idiocy about it. ARGH. When PMSing I tend to make bad decisions. *sigh*

(On the upside, after 10,000 millenia I have written fic. Holy shit. Red letter day.)


Some real life and fic

You know how i have this close 'ship with dreaming, right? Lucid dreaming (when I'm lucky) and knowing most of my personal symbols in dreams, and sometimes manipulating things in dream, semi-lucidly?

So I was dreaming that I was asleep yet awake, writing in my head a fic and watching it play out. And when I woke up the sentences were vivid and intact in my memory, so i grabbed a pen and paper and jotted them down. Here's what it was (i dreamt that before i watched 6.11, which was mostly awesome btw, so no spoilers, i reckon.)

They cut it in slices. They got long fingers like talons.

Michael eats one slice. "This was Jess," he says.

Lucifer eats another. "This is Dean.

Their chewing make a sick sound.

The soul is white, milky, foggy, yet strangely liquid. When they cut it it writhes and wriggles in Lucifer's hand, his palm a grotesque petri dish.

Sam thought he wouldn't care but he is close to his soul now and some old part is seeping through him, almost like osmosis. It hurts.

There were parts of him that were empty and had started filling up and that hurt and now they are eaten away and it hurts even worse.

Sam is screaming.

"Shhhhhh," Michael says and pets the bright shiny thing.

-The End

(Yeah. My subconscious is actually more productive than my conscious. It also thinks souls should be slimy like goo. Or demented jellyfish. Go figure.)



>> Ouroboros

TITLE: Ouroboros
RATING: pg13
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, no profit, don’t sue.
SUMMARY/NOTE: Written for the horror meme at sharp_teeth. Prompt bydemonbloodadict: You say you've never seen the end of the world before.

You say you've never seen the end of the world before.

Which is a lie.
You have.Collapse )

Truth is in sci-fi

Irrelevant posting. I just came across this quote and I just... loved it.

"It is possible to commit no mistake and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek : The Next Generation

It makes sense, doesn't it?

Like the "Do or Do not, there is no try" that Yoda said. They are so compact and ripe with meaning. And make so much sense to me.

What's your favourite deep sci-fi quote? Or movie quote? Or any quote really?


(I am a rainwalker)


Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

-A Hat Full of Sky

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